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Searching HanDeDict @ Zydeo

Simply enter Hanzi, Pinyin or German words in the search field to search the dictionary. No codes or special characters are needed; the website will recognize any form of query.


Pinyin syllables can include tone marks, but don't need to: zhongwen and zhong1wen2 both work.

You can separate Pinyin syllables with spaces, but you don't need to: zhong wen and zhongwen both work. So do xi an and xi'an for syllables that start with a vowel.

Handwriting recognition

Click on the brush icon for handwriting recognition. This is particularly useful if you come across an unknown character and don't want to bother with the "old-fashioned" radical-plus-strokes lookup.


If you enter a long query of Hanzi characters that do not appear in the dictionary as a whole, the website will try to find the individual words in it. The result is an annotated form of your search text.

Stroke order animations

By clicking on a Hanzi in a headword after a search you can view the character's stroke order animation. Animations are available for 9374 characters, both simplified and traditional. All Hanzi up to HSK Level 6 are included.

Searching for German words

If you enter at least three letters into the search field, a drop-down list with suggestions appears. The list includes words with an extra Umlaut, so you can find Wüste by only typing Wuste on a keyboard that does not have German keys. The search will also retrieve ß in places where you enter ss.

Tone colors; simplified and traditional

Click on the cogwheel icon to bring up search options. You can choose to view search results in simplified characters, traditional, or both; and you can decide if you wish to color Hanzi to indicate tone.

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