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About HanDeDict

HanDeDict is an open-source, collaboratively edited Chinese-German dictionary, licensed under Create Commons (CC BY-SA 2.0 DE). It started out as a translation of the CEDICT Chinese-English dictionary, and was actively maintained with the support of the Chinesisch-Deutsche Gesellschaft e.V. Hamburg between 2006 and 2011. In August 2015, the website of HanDeDict became unreachable. The dictionary’s text file could be salvaged thanks to the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine, which stored a copy of it while the website was still available.

About this website

Zydeo was originally a Chinese-English dictionary app for Windows, with the data of CC-CEDICT. I created it as a hobby project that allowed me to experiment with a minimalistic but efficient user interface. In the process I learned a great deal about Chinese computing: East-Asian typography, handwriting recognition, Chinese text corpora, and much else. I no longer maintain it, but you can still find the source code on Github, and browse some of the texts I wrote along the way on my personal site.

In early 2015 I decided to build an open-source, collaboratively edited Chinese-Hungarian dictionary that follows the tradition of CEDICT/MDBG, HanDeDict and Wadoku. This dictionary is being seeded with translations of the 10,000 most frequent Chinese words from English and German, and will be launched later in 2017.

When the original HanDeDict website went dark in the summer of 2015, I realized I could repurpose existing work and launch this site to make HanDeDict available online again. Initially the website was read-only, allowing visitors only to search HanDeDict without a way to contribute. It is now open for collaborative editing again, reviving HanDeDict’s original mission to build and continuously improve an open-source, community-edited Chinese-German dictionary. It is still a hobby project that I maintain and run in my free time, with no commercial interest.


HanDeDict @ Zydeo builds on many open-source or free resources.

  • By far the largest credit is due to the original HanDeDict team, lead by Dr. Michael Klaus Engel and Jan Hefti, and containing the work of many contributors, who are listed on this archived page.
  • Handwriting recognition is based on Jordan Kiang’s HanziLookup, which I ported into Javascript as HanziLookupJS.
  • Stroke order animations are based on Shaunak Kishore’s Make Me A Hanzi project.
  • The Let’s Encrypt team deserves a huge thank you for making it super easy (and free) to publish secure websites over HTTPS.
  • Special thanks to Anselm Bühling for reviewing the initial German content on this site. Any errors that remain are my own. If you ever need a highly professional translator from English or Russion into German, Anselm is the person to hire.

Contributors needed

HanDeDict will only survive in the long run if it can attract a community who actively contibute new words and improve existing entries. On the technical side, the website and the software behind it needs to stay up-to-date and serve the community’s needs as it evolves. There’s a lot you can contribute as a developer too, even if you don’t feel confident to edit the dictionary itself. (I don’t, either.)

In short, spread the word about HanDeDict @ Zydeo!

How to get in touch

E-mail: zydeodict-[at]-gmail-[dot]-com
Twitter: @twilliability

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