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HanDeDict @ Zydeo version history

Note: This page is about the version history of the website you are viewing. You can browse the change history of the dictionary itself on the History page.

2.1 • March 27, 2017

A powerful collaborative interface that allows visitors to review the dictionary's complete change history; revise, comment, approve or flag existing entries; and add new words to the dictionary.

2.0 • November 16, 2016

A major revamp:

  • The website is now a single-page app. In practice this means that search results show up faster because only part of the page is updated after every search.
  • New responsive design with improved experience on screens of all sizes.
  • Automatic suggestions when searching for German words.
  • Entries that are more frequent in Chinese are ranked higher when searching for German words, which in practice means more relevant search results. Word frequencies come from SUBTLEX-CH by Cai & Brysbaert of Ghent University.
  • The original handwriting recognition algorithm is replaced with an improved one based on makemeahanzi.
  • I normalized HanDeDict's original dictionary file with more discipline to eliminate small errors related to special characters, spaces, punctuation etc.
  • The site has moved to a new Virtual Private Server in Frankfurt, for faster response times in Europe. This provider also promises fewer short outages than before.
  • The open-source code base has moved to a new Github repostory at https://github.com/gugray/ZydeoWeb.

1.3 • February 13, 2016

Stroke order animations without Flash or Java, based on makemeahanzi by Shaunak Kishore.

1.2 • January 24, 2016

New functionality and improvements:

  • Annotation mode for longer Chinese search texts that are not found as a whole word in the dictionary
  • Faster page load because the data for handwriting recognition is now downloaded on-demand, when the function is first activated
  • Several small improvements for a better user experience

1.1 • December 6, 2015

A minor update with improved experience on small screens (smartphones).

1.0 • November 6, 2015

HanDeDict @ Zydeo goes live, about three months after the disappearance of HanDeDict's original website from the Internet. The site offers a simple search function for Hanzi, Pinyin and German words, as well as on-screen handwriting recognition without Flash or Java.

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